7 Tips for Moving in Covid

Published on 10/24/2020
We are still entirely open and practicing contact-less service to ensure all of our customers safety. 

Here are some tips to make your COVID-19 move stress-free:

Plan in Advance

This advice applies during normal circumstances, but it’s even more relevant now. If you’re moving out of town and will need to stay in hotels along the way, book in advance and stock up on essential travel items so that you’re not stuck if you end up in an area where things are still pretty shut down. If you’re not comfortable going to stores during COVID-19, ordering moving items such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape in advance will also be a big help.

Keep Hand Sanitizer Handy

Remember the early days of the pandemic when no one could find hand sanitizer anywhere? Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore, so stock up on some before your move! Keep it in the glove compartment of the moving van, in your purse, and in a common area where your moving crew can easily access it. Don’t forget about good old fashioned hand washing too. Have soap available at your current home and future home and wash your hands in between trips. 

Donate With Care

If you’re looking to unload some excess clutter by donating before your move, ask your charity of choice about COVID-19 precautions. Some may not be operating public donation bins or offering pick-up services. And alway, always make sure items are clean and disinfected before you donate (you should be doing that anyway!).