10 Tips for Moving Out

Published on 6/25/2020

With all of this uncertainty, we sympathize with the instability people face when needing to move. We have worked hard at Lady Lake Self Storage to ensure that our customers have no added stress with our online payment system. Also, to help make moving easier we have compiled some tips for you!

1. Have all of the most important things in arm's reach. Toilet paper, a pot or pan to cook that first new home meal, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and extra socks.

2. Take a picture of how all of your electronic's cords are set up so that you can avoid hours of stress when you have to set up the TV or computer at the new place.

3. Keep the cleaning supplies, it can come in handy at the new or old place!

4. Make sure your phone is always charged and a portable charger and extra cord never hurts. A dead cell phone is a real bummer on moving day.

5. Sort your things into categories with like things together to make your life easy when unpacking.

6. Use small and medium boxes for folded clothes, This way they aren't too heavy when moving them around your home.

7. Use wheeled suitcases or duffel bags for shoes and other heavy apparel.

8. Create a master to-do list for moving day to make sure nothing is missed.

9. Pack art a few weeks before the move to make sure you have time to pack it carefully to avoid damage.

10. Change your address and set up mail forwarding! This is frequently forgotten in the hustle to get moving done and will save you a lot of stress!

With these tips, the big moving day will be so much more stress free!